September 5 – Becoming god

Ezekiel 28-31

I know there are some who believe that with meditation, with good thoughts, with positive attitudes, with doing good deeds, and having compassion and treating people kindly, we can become a supreme being, a god, or attain a level of perfection. That is a dangerous theology, and it’s the belief that ended up causing Satan’s fall from heaven. It’s the lie that convinced Eve to disobey God.

Ezekiel reports that God will destroy Tyre, saying:

Because your heart is lifted up and you have said, “I am a god… you will die the death of the uncircumcised by the hand of strangers, for I have spoken,” declares the Lord God. (28:2-10)

Once again I am reminded that there is one God and it’s not me. Thinking otherwise comes with devastating consequences.


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