August 29 – Willing To Be Weird

Ezekiel 9-12

Ezekiel might have looked like a crazy man to his neighbors. He packed his bags and took steps into exile in broad daylight. Then he did the same thing in the evening. He dug a hole in the wall with his bare hands, and went through it like he was escaping. He put his bags over his shoulders and covered his face.


But Ezekiel’s example speaks to me. Ezekiel obeyed God without giving a thought about what he’d look like to his neighbors. God said it. So Ezekiel did it.

Am I willing to appear weird to my neighbors for Jesus’ sake? If I go to church on Sunday instead of play golf. If I don’t drink alcohol at the neighborhood block party. If I don’t laugh at dirty jokes or listen to gossip. If I love my neighbor whose dog does its business in my yard. Do people think I’m a prude, or out of touch, or just plain weird?

If God is asking me to live a life that looks different from my unsaved neighbors so that He can reveal Himself through me, do I balk because I’m afraid I’ll look weird?

God, give me the courage to be weird if You ask me to be.


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