August 9 – A Harlot Among Us

Jeremiah 1-3

God says His people had become harlots. Instead of being faithful to God, they sold out. They gave themselves to the worship of other gods, which were really no gods at all.

I always ask God to make His Word personal and relevant every day I read. So today I found myself thinking about God’s people in 2016. Has the Church become a harlot? Have Christians sold out?

I saw an article this week written by a respected Christian leader. His premise is that the Church, if not using the resources available in the twenty-first century, is outdated and unattractive to millennials. How can we market our churches so the everyone feels comfortable and welcome, he asked. Then he offered his solution.

I thought about that as I read Jeremiah this morning. No one is suggesting we erect wooden images in our auditoriums or sanctuaries. But I wonder if we haven’t fashioned a god to our liking anyway.

First, your church is the last place a nonbeliever should feel comfortable. The Church is an exclusive organization, limited to people who have accepted Jesus as their Savior. It is not the YMCA or Panera’s. Your church service is intended by God to be a place where Christians go to be taught from Scripture, strengthened, encouraged, convicted, and challenged to be soul winners outside those four walls. The idea that we should put on a program that attracts sinners in order that they be saved is not Scriptural. And having those programs prevents Christians from receiving the nourishment we need to be an effective witness in our homes and neighborhoods. I think Satan loves that.

Secondly, changing Scripture or editing it so as not to offend, places another idol in our churches. If we aren’t using God’s Words as He inspired them, we’re preaching a false gospel. Not referring to God in the masculine because some whining women got their feelings hurt, not using the word “sin” because it offends people, don’t judge, don’t judge, don’t judge, and talk about God’s love – but don’t mention His holiness because people don’t want to feel bad about themselves, let’s not call homosexuality sin because they’ll say we’re haters. Gotta look good to the world, you know.

And that’s exactly what a harlot thinks.

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