August 8 – Shoulder To Shoulder


Zephaniah is another prophet who brings bad news. He tells us what happens to God’s enemies, including His own children who reject Him. It’s not good.

But 3:8-11 offer hope. God’s wrath is poured out on the earth, and then He will purify our lips so we can call on the Name of the Lord, and serve him shoulder to shoulder. I like that picture.

I’d like to think we can put aside our differences, our programs, our worship styles, Calvanism or Armenianism, denominational differences, and stand shoulder to shoulder to fight for the cause of Christ.

Is Jesus God? Is sin a death sentence? Is the cross the only means of salvation? If you believe that, then I don’t care what you think about speaking in tongues, or if you lead a praise team, or play the organ for the singing of hymns. Stand with me and proclaim the Gospel, stand up for the Truth of Scripture, serve God like He deserves.

The Church is not dead yet. Let’s face our enemy, Satan, standing shoulder to shoulder, and let God use our united front for His glory.


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