June 12 – The Indescribable

I Kings 7, 2 Chronicles 4

It’s hard for me to picture the finished work from the description of the building of Solomon’s Temple. I’m a visual learner, so sometimes the words themselves aren’t enough for me to see.

For years, I read about the sea made of cast metal, built to stand in front of the temple. I had a rough picture in mind as to what it looked like. But when I saw the drawing of a someone who had researched, and had done the math, I was astounded at how wrong my own rendition of the sea had been. I hardly recognized it. The sea was actually much larger, and grander, than I’d imagined.

I think the same thing about heaven. I believe when we get there we’ll experience something much grander than streets of mere gold, gates of mere pearls, mansions, and an enormous banquet table. Oh, those are the words John used to describe what he’d seen in his vision. Those are the words he used to describe the indescribable.

I have an idea that when we finally stand in the Presence of God Himself, we won’t have the words to describe it, either. We’ll only have words to praise Him.

I’m looking forward to that!

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