June 11 – Dusting The Pews

I Kings 5-6, 2 Chronicles 2-3

Years ago my dad was on the building committee at our church. He was frustrated with some of the people over their choice of materials. Their attitude was that the cheaper materials were “good enough.” I remember Dad asking one man if he’d put that stuff in his own home. The answer, of course, was no.

Now, as an adult, I understand a bit more about stewardship. I believe that church was built with the budget in mind. And, as a matter of fact, it’s still standing fifty years later!

When Solomon built the Temple he wasn’t on a budget. Did you read about the materials he used? The cost of that building might rival our national debt today. Solomon’s attitude was, nothing is too good for God. Solomon knew it all belonged to God anyway.

If you’ve been with me very long on this blogging journey of mine, you know I look for spiritual truths in all of Scripture. But today, God brought to my remembrance the material building we called my home church.

Makes me wonder how we are caring for that brick and mortar structure we worship in these days. Of course, I know our hearts are the temple of God this side of the cross. Of course I know a building is just a building.

But that church building is symbol to people in your community. Do they see your fellowship being good stewards of the resources God has given you? Your care of your church property might be an indication of the level of commitment you have to God.

I’m not advocating ostentatious design or gold covered cherubim. In fact, I think those kinds of structures indicate an emphasis on the material. That’s a rabbit trail I won’t follow today.

But what is the condition of the roof on your church? Is the lawn mown regularly, weeds pulled, flowers planted? Are the windows clean? Are the pews in good repair? When a visitor pulls into the drive, do they drive over potholes or mud? When they walk through your doors, do they see cobwebs and dust, or do they feel welcomed by the decor?

Solomon put a lot of care into the building of the Temple. What would God say to us about the level of care we put into our own places of worship?


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