April 5 – It’s Insane

Judges 16-18

Isn’t the definition of “insanity” said to be doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different outcome? I think Samson was insane.

Three time Delilah tried to get him to tell her what made him so strong. Three times Samson told a lie. And all three times Delilah went to Samson’s enemies and set up an ambush. Three times.

So why – WHY – would Samson think that on the fourth time, he could tell Delilah the truth and she wouldn’t go to his enemies with that information? It’s insane.

But, as He does whenever I read His Word, God is asking me to check myself. Haven’t there been times I’ve wanted something, but God clearly closes the door? Haven’t I been known to try again and again to get what it was I wanted, only to have the door slammed in my face each time? Did I think the door would somehow open when it hadn’t so many times before?

Have you ever wanted someone to love you, but they clearly weren’t interested? Have you tried and tried to get their attention, only to be sadly disappointed every time? Yet something tells you it’ll be different next time.

After reading about Samson today, I realize I want to be more sensitive to God’s nudges, and his outright denial of what I think I want. I want to recognize the signs. If God closes a door, I want to trust Him enough to walk away and look for an open door somewhere else.

I don’t want to read about Samson and think, “that man was insane” without doing a sanity check on my own life.

God, help me read the signs you so clearly put in my path. Help me make decisions based on those nudges that come from You, my loving Father.


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