March 17 – A Question Of Spirituality

Deuteronomy 17-20

Is being “spiritual” enough? What about consulting so-called mediums? Does it matter who you worship so long as you worship?

Sure, God told the ancient Jews not to practice witchcraft, cast spells, or call up the dead. But is that still the case today?

Jesus came to fulfill the Law. Does that wipe out the Old Testament rules for living?

One thing is clear, whether you are reading the Old Testament or the New, there is one God. One. He demands to be worshiped at the exclusion of all else. He demands to be obeyed – for His children to be holy according to Scripture.

When the Bible says something is “detestable” to God in the Old Testament, I don’t see where suddenly those things are acceptable after Jesus.

It is a serious sin to dabble in anything other than that which is written in the Bible. Maybe even watching a TV show with a bubbly little medium who makes her money telling people their long lost great-grandma is proud of them.

So, no. It’s not enough to be “spiritual.” It is wrong to consult a medium or try to speak to the dead. And any worship except the worship of the God of Scripture is false. Anything that contradicts the Bible is a lie.

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