Feb 19 – Politics. Ugh.

Leviticus 19-21

I’m going to be honest. I hate politics. You can imagine how much I am enjoying watching the news these days. I try to watch the debates, truly. But I get so frustrated not only with the candidates but with the people asking the idiotic questions to try to get the candidates to sling some dirt at each other.

Ugh. So when reading in Leviticus this morning, I wasn’t all that pleased that what jumped out at me was political. Ok, God. I’ll address it. But I’m not happy about it.

Socialism is the word of the day. Where before, the ideology was masked in the form of the Democratic Party policy of big government, taxing and spending, people are at least being honest about what it is they propose. Socialism. Give our money to the government and trust the all-wise, all-knowing elite to distribute it equally.

Please don’t tell me you believe in that.

I digress. Is it a shame that there are homeless, jobless, uninsured and needy citizens of our country? Absolutely. It’s sad that our government has made such a mess of things. But the shame shouldn’t be on the government (although it is), because the government shouldn’t be taking on the responsibility of the individual. Look where that’s gotten us.

When I read Scripture like Leviticus 19:9-10, telling us how to care for the needy, I see two things. 1) those who have share, 2) those who don’t have get out there and work.

I see no one having their possessions taken away so someone else could get something for free.

God, in these verses, is speaking to His Old Testament children. But I believe He’s speaking to us, too. Every Bible believing fellowship should have an outreach program. Ideally, there should be no one on welfare attending our churches, no unemployed. The church should be helping the people in that church.

I am as frustrated with the system as anyone. But, personally, I will never vote for anyone who even hints at a platform of socialism. I’m convinced we need to get our government out of our pockets and our decisions, and put the responsibility back on the individual.

That idea didn’t originate with me. It’s how God told His children to live. I’m pretty sure He knows how things should go better than any U.S. politician.

Dear God, I pray for the United States of America as we elect a new President. Father, I ask that You would speak to the hearts of Your children, may we be vocal about the things You lay on our hearts. May we stand up for the truth of Scripture. And may we vote according to Your leading. I pray that a godly man will live in the White House for the next four years. If that happens, it will be because Your children put aside politics and sought Your will. Then, Lord, may your Church be that avenue You can use to care for our citizens.


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