Feb 7 – 10% Blessing

Exodus 25-27

A while back I posted something concerning tithing. You know, the 10% of our earnings we’re supposed to give God. A blogger friend of mine , a man whose posts I might sometimes disagree with, but whose opinions I always respect, appreciate, and seek out, pointed out that the concept of tithing is not a New Testament Church thing. That church, he reminded me, gave everything they had, they took care of needs as needs arose without doing the math.

(nightlightblogdotcom.wordpress.com. I encourage you to check out his blog, especially today’s from Hebrews 10. It’s so good!)

Maybe that’s why Exodus 25:1-8 got my attention today. God told Moses to put together a tabernacle made of gold, silver, bronze, leather, oil, gemstones, and more. But God didn’t require anyone to give anything toward the construction. His instruction to Moses was to collect those things from “every man whose heart moves him.”

My church is starting a very needed building project, and we’ll need to raise some big bucks. How would God have me contribute? I want to be one whose heart has been moved, and I want to be obedient.

Let me ask you this: If church giving wasn’t tax deductible, would you still give what you give right now? Our government is talking a lot about a flat tax. Would your church survive?

Here’s what I hope. I hope our churches, my church’s building project, will all flourish because we Christians put down the calculator and give as God moves our hearts to give. Maybe He’s giving us 10% of His blessing because that’s what we’re giving Him.

Wonder what it would be like if we really did give Him everything.


2 thoughts on “Feb 7 – 10% Blessing

  1. vonhonnauldt

    Thank you for your kind comments and the reference. There’s so much to “giving” than a “required” 10%. If we had any real understanding of what God has given us in this life and promised us in the next, perhaps it wouldn’t be so difficult to give more. After all, the only person our Lord commended for her giving was a gal who dropped a couple of pennies, so to speak, in the plate. It was her whole living. Thanks again, and God’s best to you.

    1. cazehner Post author

      It was my pleasure to give you a shout here. I really do appreciate you, my friend. And I agree that if we, if I, really understood what God has given us we would be more like the woman you mentioned and give all we have. God continues to give so much to His children now and forever. May He find us faithful.


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