Feb 6 – Dinner With God

Exodus 22-24

It must have been exciting to be one of the seventy elders of Israel who had dinner with God on the mountain. (Exodus 24:11) It wasn’t just Moses who saw God.

They saw the God of Israel and under His feet there appeared to be a pavement of sapphire as clear as the sky itself. (verse 10)

Think of it!

Sometimes I find myself wishing I could sit and talk with God over a bowl of chili. I’d like to see the pavement under His feet, to hear His voice.

But while I walk this earth I have the privilege of having that very same God living right inside of me. I have His very words written as a love letter to me. I have His attention every minute of every day.

When the seventy elders walked back down that mountain, they walked away from God’s Presence. And that’s something I’ll never have to do.

One day I’ll see His face. I’ll hear His voice. I’ll feel His arms around me. I’ll know exactly what it was those seventy elders experienced that day on the mountain, and more.


Dear God, I look forward to that day. And I thank You that until that time comes, You promise to stay right here with me. I love You.


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