Jan 15 -Let God Be God

Job 49-42

We know that Job was a good man who feared God. We know he had been careful to follow God’s law even before the Law was given to Moses. Job offered sacrifices for sins his children might have committed. He was rich, he was healthy, and he was respected and honored by the people who knew him.

Then he lost it all. Throughout the book of Job we hear him defend himself over and over. I’m not guilty, he said. I don’t deserve this. God isn’t being fair, he cried.

But at just the right time God spoke to Job. And Job listened. Job learned that acting like a believer isn’t enough. Being a good person doesn’t make God your debtor. It wasn’t until Job saw God in all His holiness and power did Job “retract” and “repent.”

Yes, even this very good man needed to fall on his knees and ask God to forgive him. The lesson I take away from reading Job is to let God be God.

Stop trying to manipulate Him or demand anything from Him. God doesn’t owe us a thing. And we certainly aren’t God’s equals. He made that point pretty clear.

When Job repented, God blessed him with health, wealth, and family. If the book of Job were the only book in the Bible I might be tempted to think we could expect the same. But remember, Paul was never healed. Stephen was murdered for his faith. Moses never stepped foot in the Promised Land. There are others who stayed true to The Lord even when their circumstances didn’t change.

I want to, with Job, give up control and let God be God. I want to turn over every detail of my life and enjoy the fellowship I have in Him. I take back any words of self-satisfaction, of any pride. And I lay my questions aside.

Because this God wants to bless me beyond what I ask or even think. I’d be foolish not to want that, too.



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