Jan 13 – Why Bother?

Job 35-37

Have you ever wondered why you bother being a Christian? I mean, you go to church every Sunday, maybe even teach a SS class, give sacrificially with every pay check. You don’t drink or swear. You’re honest and kind.

Then you go to the doctor and hear the “C” word. Or you lose your job when the company down-sizes. Your neighbor, who makes fun of your Christianity drives a new BMW, and your clunker needs new tires.

You might think about making choices to give in to temptation, to get drunk, have an affair, sleep in on Sunday. There, God. Take that.

Elihu, in Job 35 asks: if you sin, do you take anything away from God? And if you are righteous, do you add something to God?

We’ve got to remember God is above us, God never changes, and most of the time God’s ways are not our ways. Your obedience doesn’t make God stronger or wiser or better. And your disobedience doesn’t make Him weaker. Satan would have us look at circumstances, or our neighbor. Satan would have us envy what we do not have, and blame God for our not having it.

If you serve God in order to get what you want – don’t bother. You’re not going to change God with your obedience or disobedience. But God can – and wants to – change you. Maybe not your circumstance. You.

And that’s why I bother to be a Christian. I like the way God has changed me. As a Christian I have a relationship with this unchanging, all powerful, ever present God of mine. I can live my life with confidence that whatever happens, I have the God of Creation right here living in me. And this awesome God wants to bless me with Himself every minute of every day.

Let my neighbor have his BMW. Give me Jesus.

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