Jan 2 – The Lesson Of The Flood

Genesis 4-7

It’s hard to read about the flood. It’s hard to imagine millions of people, including babies, drowning. It’s frightening to realize how intense is God’s anger toward sin. He even said He was sorry he’d ever created man, and he was grieved in His heart.

Some people will shake their fists at God and rant over the unfairness of a world-wide flood. Some will shake their heads and deny it ever happened. Both are wrong. And both miss the point.

If we look for signs that the earth was drenched in water, we might find it interesting. It might even confirm that the Bible is true. But even that misses the point, which is: GOD HATES SIN!

He HATES my sin. He HATES your sin. He HATES the lie I told, the “adult” entertainment you watch, my anger, your coarse language. He HATES it.

And unless we have faith in Him like Noah had, we will die in our sin, like all those people died in that awful flood.

God has provided an escape plan, however. In Noah’s day it was the ark. Today it is Jesus. But read Genesis, dear one. There was… and is… only one means of salvation. Just one.

For myself, I never want God to be sorry He created me. I never want to grieve His heart by the choices I make to sin. I want to resist sin, accept His provision of salvation, and live every day I have on this earth as one who clings to the God of my salvation.

I want the same for you.

Dear Savior, it’s a new year and many of us consider it a new beginning. I pray that as we make our way through 2016 we will do so holding on to You, pleasing You, loving You, and riding the waves in the safety of Your salvation. May we not forget how much You hate sin. And may we allow You to help us resist the temptation to sin every time. You are faithful. May we be, too.

3 thoughts on “Jan 2 – The Lesson Of The Flood

  1. Looking Up!

    Psalm 91:1-2
    And amen. ..
    I think our King of Kings is surely about sick of what He is seeing. Evil has been here every since the fall of man but it seems at least to me that in America anyway, nothing much is done in secret but all the vile and ugliness is just out there for all to see and it saddens me to see the world just embrace it and say OKAY…even many of the Christian family. I continue to see where I have been wrong all the while thinking I was helping to be loving. Sometimes being tolerate is only loving someone right into hell. We each serve someone, either the Lord God Almighty or the evil one. There is no in between and if someone says they are just sitting on the sidelines then they are literally a tool for the evil one without even realizing it.
    Yes, we can either help build the Ark and then get in when the Lord sounds the alarm or we can sir and watch and laugh at others and be swept away by the flood. Next time it will be a fire. Daily we must ask ourselves, who am I serving today? I hate the thought that my sometimes mindless action is grieving the Holy Spirit and making points for the other team. How easily we can do that without realizing it unless we stay focused on Jesus Christ and stay in His word and know it deep in our hearts so that when someone is teaching something false we can immediately discern it.

    1. cazehner Post author

      Thank you so much for your reply. I love hearing from you. I know what you mean about the blatant acts of sin we see played out in our country. It’s harder, in my opinion, to stand for the Truth because we are a “tolerant” society. We need to remember that, although He forgives sin, God never NEVER tolerates sin. Every sin comes with a death sentence. May God bless you, dear one, as you live for Him. I prayed for you today.


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