Scientific Impossibility

Here’s the thing. Every cell in our bodies declare our gender. DNA does not change. It is a scientific impossibility. God does not make mistakes, so there has never been nor ever will be a woman trapped in a man’s body. A male is a male is a male, no matter how much he mutilates his body, even if you call him Caitlyn.

A blogger I follow, Renee Beamer: Sharing Love and Truth, has put together several verses, like Isaiah 45:9-12, that lovingly address this issue. I would encourage you to check out her post “You Can Put A Dress On A Chihuahua”.

Let’s determine to pray for Bruce Jenner and the millions of people who are being influenced by the notoriety his perversion has gained. I find it interesting that so many are saying Bruce is a “Christian” and a Republican, like these titles are somehow tickets to a free pass or something. Both of these titles are meaningless if they don’t line up with Scripture.

Remember, it’s not “loving” to encourage anyone to sin, understanding that the wages of sin is death. The loving thing to do is to lead all people to the Savior Jesus, and the truth of Scripture. Therein lies true happiness and acceptance and love and contentment – and identity – for every human being. Every. One.

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