No King in Israel

The other day I was reading the last several chapters of the book of Judges. And as I read how the tribe of Benjamin would have raped the man visiting their town, but instead brutally raped his wife until she died, I was angry!

When the other tribes went to war against them because of it, it looked like old Ben’s boys would win. Thousands of Jewish men were killed. In the end, the Benjamites were defeated. Men, women, and children were killed.

But then the nation of Israel felt guilty. They felt sorry for the few remaining young Benjamite men who now had no one to marry and carry on that tribe. So Israel went to war with another tribe of brothers, killed them and their wives, stole their teenage daughters, and gave the girls to Benjamin boys for wives. But there weren’t enough girls to go around.

It just keeps getting worse.  The Israelites devised a plan for the Benjamites to kidnap even more young girls. I’m appalled! This is abduction and rape, slavery. And these are God’s chosen people. Murderers and rapists.

As I was reading this account I was getting madder and madder. I started questioning God. How could he condone such depravity, I wondered. Then I was impressed with the words, “Just keep reading.”

And there it was!

Judges 21:25. The book of Judges ends with:

“In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes.”

Now I get it. God never condoned what was happening in Israel. It wasn’t his plan or his will. God never intended for his people to sink so low. But the Israelites didn’t care what God wanted. They did what they wanted to do.

“If it feels good, do it. Your reality is your reality and what might be right for you might not be right for me. There are no absolutes. Live and let live. You are the most important person in your world. Religious thinking has got to change.”

Sound familiar? I don’t want to get political here, but I have to believe what we see in the news from our country and the world stems from people living like there is no King.

Wake up, Christians. The time of our passively watching while our world does it’s own thing has to end. There IS one God. Jesus IS the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and no one goes to God except through him. The Bible IS true and everything else a lie.

If you believe anything else, please stop referring to yourself as a Christian. There IS a king in Israel, and I’m not talking about a piece of land in the Middle East. Jesus IS King. Today.

That’s the reality. And I am determined to serve him, obey him, fight for him. What about you?


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