People often say “Wouldn’t it have been amazing to live in Jesus’ day, to actually hear him speak and hang out with him?” I have thought so myself.

Then I read verses like Psalm 46:11 and I am reminded we who live this side of the cross have an even better reality “The LORD of Hosts is with us”! God, in all his power and majesty lives within my heart. I don’t have to travel to Jerusalem to have an audience with him. I exist in his presence!

I might not be able to shake his hand, but I can pour my heart out to him in the privacy of my room and know he hears. He’s with me in the car. Behind my desk. At the ballgame. He never leaves me. I have 100% of his attention 100% of the time. Now that is truly amazing!

I think if the disciples really understood this privilege, they wouldn’t have argued with him so often about his death. I think if I really understood the privilege, I wouldn’t doubt or question so often. I wouldn’t waste one second worrying or being fearful.

“Be still and know that I am God… The LORD of hosts is with us; The God of Jacob is our refuge.” Psalm 46:10+11.

Dear God, Thank you, thank you for your Presence in my life, Thank you for walking with me, living within me, focusing your attention on me. Thank you for the intimate relationship I have with you through the blood of your dear Son. May my walk with you be intentional, lived out of a heart of gratitude for the very real privilege of having you with me..


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