Get Out There And Get To Work

God is in no hurry to come again. Peter tells us in his second letter that God’s patience gives people time to be saved. (verse 15) Time, as we know it, doesn’t exist for God. A day is like a thousand years to him and he’s willing to wait a few more days if it means another soul will accept his grace.

We Christians are commanded to go into the world and preach the Gospel in order for people to hear about and accept this grace. I hope you aren’t content, believing people should come to church to be saved. It’s just not the way God intended it. If you’re concerned about “branding” your church to attract non-believers, you’re concerned about the wrong thing. The Bible clearly teaches our concern should be our neighbor, our co-worker, our family. We Christians need to hit the streets and get to know unsaved people in order to love them to the Savior.

Recently, a church in our area took a benevolent offering on a Sunday morning. The preacher and a deacon took the money that was collected, went out into their community, and started talking to people. They learned the story of a hard working, needy neighbor and handed over the $200 in Jesus’ name. The next Sunday, the pastor shared the story with the congregation, and they took up another collection. This time they collected $430. There is a waitress in town who, after sharing her story with the pastor and deacon, got the biggest tip of her life. And that waitress knows she received  that financial help because Jesus loves her.

A Sunday School teacher in the church gave each of her students $1 and challenged them to pass it on to someone in need. Some of the kids gave their dollar away, some added their own allowances and money from their piggy banks and gave a little more. One youngster was at Walmart. He bought a wool scarf and gave it to the old man ringing bells for the Salvation Army… in Jesus’ name.

So I’m asking all of us, how are we handling the Great Commission to go into our world and share Jesus? God wants us to walk with people, share their lives, demonstrate kindness, love, patience, support in Jesus’ name.

After all, isn’t that what God Himself did 2000 years ago? Wasn’t he born in a manger? Didn’t he put on human flesh and walk with us, sharing life with us, demonstrating kindness, love and patience? Didn’t he die so we might live?

This Christmas, as we celebrate the baby in the manger, my prayer is that we will recognize the significance of this act, God in human form. Why did he do that? There are so many wonderful reasons! But just maybe one of the reasons is that he wants us to follow his example, to get out there, and get to work.

May he find us faithful.

I’m praying that all who read this will have a blessed Christmas with family and friends. May we worship the Savior with fellow believers, and may we all be intentional about sharing the wonderful news of Jesus with the people around us.

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