Are You A Toe?

In I Chronicles 23-25 you will read a lot of names listed there. These were men who were given the responsibility and privilege of serving God in his temple. 

God calls every one of us to serve, too. Paul likens the Church to a body with hands and feet, fingers and toes, eyes and mouths. No one is called to fulfill the duties of all the parts of the body. A body is not just a toe. But the toe has a necessary function in a healthy body.

As does a finger or an elbow, an ear or an eyelash. A healthy body has every part working at it’s best.

That’s true in a healthy church, too. If I am called to be a finger and I don’t do my best, the hand can operate, but not at it’s best.

I think many churches are operating as cripples because some of us aren’t doing our parts. And some toes are trying to do the work of  fingers.

The question is not, HAS God called me into ministry? The question is, WHERE is God calling me to serve? Your church fellowship needs you. Are you called to sing in the choir, take care of babies in the nursery, be a greeter, sweep the floors, teach a class, visit shut-ins, type a bulletin, care for a web-page, wash dishes. There are tons of opportunities in every church where God wants to use your abilities. 

Tomorrow is Sunday. Are you ready to fulfill your calling? Many people don’t have to wait until the first day of the week. They are busy doing what God has called them to do throughout the week. But my prayer is that you will hear God’s voice, answer his call, and be about doing what you are needed to do in the body of your church.

If we obey God’s call, our church fellowships will be healthier, we will be happier, and all of us will be blessed. Then others will be blessed through us.

And all to the glory of God!


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