Did You Break Your Arm?

My sisters and I were raised not to expect someone to do something for us that we could do ourselves. If Dad heard one of us ask a sister to get us a drink of water, for example, he’d say “Are your legs broken?” or “Did you break your arm?” So when I read in Numbers 11 about Moses complaining to God and doubting his instructions, I laughed when God said, “Has my arm lost its power?” Made me think of my dad.

God had asked Moses to do something and wanted Moses to know God was able to accomplish great things through him. God had done great things before and he had the power to continue to do great things on behalf of his people.

I think the lesson here is – do we trust God? When he asks us to do something, he doesn’t expect us to do it alone. If he asks, he’ll be right there. Like in my childhood example. If God was asking me to get him the drink of water, he would lift me up and carry me to the faucet if I was willing to obey.

So the question isn’t, are my arms broken. The question is do I trust God’s arms? If he asks us to do something in his name, he’ll be the power behind it when we obey.

God, I pray for your people today. You will ask us to do things. You will prompt us to speak to someone about you, to help a person in need, to give sacrificially of our time and money. I pray that when you do, you will find us trusting you to provide the power we need to get the job done. May you find us faithful and willing to serve. Thank you for promising to be with us as we do.


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