December 10

Acts 23:12-25:22

Paul’s enemies wanted him dead. They lied and schemed and even vowed not to eat anything until they killed him. And the only reason they hated Paul was because they believed something different than he did about Scripture.

Have we changed so much since then? I know wars have been fought in the name of God. Planes have been flown into buildings in the name of God. Even denominational differences within Christianity can produce heated arguments. To what degree are we to fight against people who disagree with us?

I believe sometimes we have to go to war with nations who threaten our safety. But I wish we didn’t have to. I hate abortion, the murder of innocent children. But I also hate it when I hear an abortion clinic has been bombed or an abortion doctor has been shot to death in the name of God. I know that homosexuality is a sin and, in the Old Testament, punishable by death. But I was saddened to read this morning that a church known for helping the needy reportedly believe gay people should die. Whether or not they truly believe that, I don’t know. But I find it interesting the media put it out there now when charitable given is typically high.

Friend, let’s remember that our enemy is not flesh and blood. God sent Jesus to die for all of us. He wants the atheist, the abortion doctor, the drug dealer, the homosexual, the liar and the glutton to accept his Son as Savior. Satan is the enemy. But we are commanded to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to everyone! 

Father, I pray for your people today. May we stand up for the truth of Scripture, may our lives reflect Jesus’ love, and may we love even those who disagree with us. I know that’s not to say we should ignore or tolerate sin. But help us to show a lost world that what we have with you is so much better than what they have without you in their lives. May they be drawn to you because of us. Then, we’ll let you handle the sin in their lives!


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