December 9

Acts 21:1-23:11

Paul wasn’t one to take the easy way out. If God wanted him to go to Jerusalem he’d go to Jerusalem no matter how many people warned him of the danger awaiting him there. Thrown in prison, he still preached the Gospel. Beaten, insulted, lied about, and he refused to compromise. Paul knew the Truth. And nothing – not even the threat of death – would stop him from holding to that Truth and obeying God.

It’s easier to keep our faith to ourselves for fear of offending someone, looking like fools, rejection, even breaking the law. But as Christians we are commanded to get out there and preach the Gospel. I believe God would have us be as determined as Paul was to obey that command.

The last verse we read today is amazing. Listen to what is written in 23:11:

The following night the Lord stood near to Paul and said, “Take courage…”

The same God who stood with Paul stands with us today. I believe he is saying the same thing to us in 2013. “Take courage! Talk about me to your family and friends. Then be amazed at what happens next.”

Dear God, may your people be as determined as Paul was to share you with a lost world. May we obey you when you nudge us toward someone whose heart you are readying to accept you. Give us the boldness to share you, regardless of our fear. Thank you for standing with us as we obey you today.


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