November 14

Acts 7:54-9:31

The early followers of Christ lived in danger. Many were beaten and others were killed because they loved Jesus and identified with him through baptism. Thousands of believers fled Jerusalem to save themselves and their families and settled in other towns. And you know what happened? They started talking about Jesus to their new neighbors and thousands more were saved. The Church actually grew through its persecution!

Isn’t it true we can kind of get comfortable where we are? We go to a job we like, we get along with our co-workers, we’re used to our boss. We sit in the same seat every Sunday and greet the same people. We mow our lawns and wave to our neighbors as they mow their lawns. And our opportunities to share Christ get fewer and fewer.

What happens when the company you work for down-sizes and you find yourself looking for work? What happens when you are transferred to another city or feel the need to move closer to an ailing parent? 

We in America don’t know as yet what it is like to have to run for our lives because of our faith. But God does nudge us at times to get out of our comfort zones. Why? There are people who need to hear your testimony, to see Christ living in you so that they come to know him, too. When you are a Christian, everything that happens in your life happens for one reason only. And that is so that you can be a witness to people who need the Savior. 

Is God asking you to get out of your comfort zone? Probably. Go where he wants you to go. Do or say what it is he is asking of you. The Church still has room to grow.

Father, forgive us when we are comfortable. Give your people the courage to step out, to reach out, to be uncomfortable for a time so that someone can meet you. You are going to give us opportunities today. May you find us willing to do that hard thing for Jesus’ sake.


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