November 8

Mark 15:22-41; Matthew 27:33-56; Luke 23:33-49; John 19:17b-37

Jesus died. He willingly, lovingly, painfully died on the cross that day. So many prophesies were fulfilled during those precious hours. Nothing that happened was a surprise or contrary to what God had planned before creation. The Lamb of God paid for the sins of the world once and for all.

From the sixth hour to the ninth, the sun stopped shining. Did all of creation mourn as Jesus took upon himself one sin, then another, and another? Then something amazing happened (as if Jesus giving his life wasn’t amazing enough). The curtain in the temple ripped in two, exposing the Holy of Holies. The curtain that had kept the common people separate from the presence of God was destroyed. Jesus’ death granted us entrance into the throne room of God Almighty. And we can stand before our Holy God clothed in Jesus’ holiness. No more need of a priest. No more ceremony required. When Jesus died God became accessible to anyone who calls on the name of the Lord.

As I read these scriptures today I can’t help but say with the centurion, “Surely this man was the Son of God.”

Dear Jesus, Savior, Lamb of God. I have no doubt that you are who you said you are. You are the Son of God and you died for me that day. May all who read these Scriptures today realize what it cost you. And may that knowledge change us. Thank you for the privilege of going boldly to your throne room where once I was forbidden. Thank you that because you died, there is no more need of a curtain to keep me out. I am your child. I am forgiven and my sins are covered by your precious blood. Clothe me with your righteousness and may I be one who serves you well from a heart of thankfulness and love.


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