November 7

Mark 15:6-21; Luke 23:13-32; John 18:39-19:17a; Matthew 27:27-32

What they did to Jesus that day is unimaginable. The taunts, the beatings, the humiliation are magnified in the light of his complete innocence.

He could have called 10,000 angels or turned his tormenters into vapor. But he stood there and took every blow because he loved me and knew I would accept his forgiveness 2,000 years later.

I hope you read these passages today in God’s word. Nothing I can say can bring justice to what is written there already. Jesus suffered for me. He suffered for you.

How can I help but love him when he loved me so?

Jesus, as I read these words this morning I am reminded what it cost you to provide salvation for all people everywhere. You paid what we cannot so that we can stand before the Father, faultless, cleansed, pure and holy as you are. I am sorry for every drop of blood you had to shed because of my sin. Forgive me for selfishness, jealousy, laziness, an unrepentant heart, disobedience, unbelief. Cleanse me today,Lord. I don’t want what you went through for me to have been in vain.


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