November 3

Mark 14:22-31; Matthew 26:26-35; Luke 22:15-20, 31-38; John 13:31-35, 14:1-15:17

Reading about Jesus’ last hours on earth with his disciples is so precious. How he loved them! I can hear the tenderness in his voice even as he told Peter he would deny Jesus three times before morning. I can imagine him looking into the eyes of each of them as he told them he had to go, but that he was going to prepare a place for them to come to him.

Jesus kept repeating the phrase: I am in the Father and the Father is in me. Then he promised the Counselor would come, the Holy Spirit would live in them and cause them to do even greater things than they had seen Jesus do. What could be greater than healing lepers, calming stormy seas, feeding thousands, or raising the dead?

Jesus tells one more parable. The Vine and the Branches paint a picture about soul-winning. He tells us the bearing of fruit is that which is so much greater than any of his miracles. And he says if we ask, he will answer and hearts will change, lives will be saved.

Have you witnessed the transformation knowing Jesus makes in a life? There is something about forgiveness, about realizing how much you are loved, about recognizing the God of the Universe lives in you that changes how we look at life, other people, and sin. Now that is a miracle above all miracles.

When you are a healthy branch attached to the Vine you can’t help but bear fruit. May it be so in me.

My Dear Vine, I thank you for attaching me to you. I thank you for the day I recognized my sinfulness and accepted you as my Savior. I pray that I will allow you to nourish me, to dwell within me, and to produce fruit for your kingdom. Others need you, Lord. I would like the privilege of leading them to where they will find life and love and forgiveness.


2 thoughts on “November 3

    1. cazehner Post author

      It’s a parable that defines who we are in Christ, isn’t it? May we be bearers of fruit for the Vine. And may he bless your day as well, my friend.


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