October 28

Mark 11:27-33, 12:1-17; Matthew 21:23-46, 22:1-22; Luke 20:1-26

The Parable of the Tenants is here in what we read today. The landowner entrusted his vineyard to some farmers, then went away. But when it was time to collect the harvest, the tenants mistreated the landowner’s servants and sent them away empty handed. They beat some of the servants and killed others. Finally, the landowners sent his only son and the tenants killed him, too. Listen to what Jesus says about this.

Luke 20:16, Mark 12:9, and Matthew 21:41 say the landowner will come and eliminate the tenants and give the vineyard to others.

This truth is re-emphasized in the parable of the wedding banquet when the invited guests didn’t bother coming. So the King sent his servants out into the streets and brought in anyone they could find.

Jesus is making it clearer and clearer that the Jewish people are on the brink of losing something. He is telling them… and us… that “whosoever” includes all people, not just Jews. 

I am a citizen of God’s kingdom. As a Christian I am a joint-heir with Jesus. Not a second class citizen, but a woman invited to the banquet, clothed in Jesus’ righteousness. 

I am chosen. And so are you.

Father God, I thank you that you have chosen us to come into your kingdom. Thank you that Jesus’ death on the cross made it possible. And I praise you for the day I knelt before you and confessed my sins, accepted Jesus as my Savior, and became your child, loved and forgiven. I pray for those reading this today who still have not accepted your invitation. May they accept it today.


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