October 17

Mark 9:2-37; Matthew 17:1-23, 18:1-5; Luke 9:28-26, 37-48

As a person new to the world of blogging, I have enjoyed getting to know many people around the world through their written word. I have read heartfelt poetry, shared sorrows and joys, learned from some pretty incredible life experiences, and laughed out loud at some very funny blogs. I’ve been challenged and convicted, even angered at some of the things I’ve read.Β 

And I’ve been saddened.

I’ve stumbled upon the blogs of some pretty intellectual thinkers. Some look into God’s Word and research the history, dig deeper into the original text, and share their insights. And I’ve been stunned at the responses of some. Sometimes atheists or agnostics or people who have embraced other religions reply with their intellectual sounding arguments, demeaning faith, and speaking from a self-centered place of importance. To we who know the Truth, their rantings sound like foolishness, yet they wear a superior air that we understand is based on lies.

Earlier we read where Jesus expressed concern that some might be tripped up because of him. Here in the passage we read today he tells us that unless we become like children, we won’t enter his kingdom.Β 

Faith is not the absence of reason or intellect. God doesn’t ask us to quit thinking when we come to him. But he demands we humble ourselves, depend on him like a child – even an intelligent child – depends on his father. He asks us to trust him like a child trusts a parent. He asks us to recognize him as our Father, our Superior.

Jesus invites us to come to him, the only way to the Father. He asks us to leave ourselves at his feet, to believe he is who he says he is, and follow him according to his Word. He doesn’t ask us to leave our intellect behind. But he does demand we leave our egos.

May you not be so self-important, so intellectual, or so proud to go to Jesus on his terms. Like it or not you do not have all the answers. But he does. Don’t let the simplicity of his message trip you up.


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