October 11

Mark 521-43, 6:1-6a; Matthew 9:18-26, 27-34, 13:53-58; Luke 8:40-56; John 5:1-15

Jesus made the woman who touched the hem of his garment identify herself. He asked the blind men if they believed Jesus was able to heal them. He asked a man who had been an invalid for thirty-eight years if he wanted to be healed. Why else would he be sitting by the healing pool? Jesus waited until the man admitted he had tried everthing on his own and that he needed help.

Jesus asks us to talk to him. Be specific. Come boldly. Confess him. Believe in him. Ours is not a blind faith. It is a faith based on a very real man and a very real God.

What is it you want God to do in your life? Tell him. Sure he knows and, yes, he can do anything he wants whether or not we say something. But there is a reason Jesus asked those questions we read this morning and why he asks the same of us today.

Do you believe him? Do you trust him? Yes or no?

Father, I admit there are some things I don’t bother to bring to you, whether I think they are not all that important or I think you’ll do what you want anyway. Forgive me for that. May I recognize your interest in me. And may I put into words the things that are on my heart. I’ll recognize answers to prayers if I do.


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