September 16

Psalm 106; Ezra 7:1-8:14

Just when it seemed the rebuilding of Jerusalem would never happen, that Satan had won, King Artaxerxes wrote Ezra a letter and sent him and the other Jews on their way to continue the work. In fact, he sent them away with silver and gold, livestock for sacrifices, and gave them permission to gather more if they needed. Do what the God of heaven tells you, he said.

The theme of obedience is such an important one in Scripture. Our holy God demands holiness of his people. He has lovingly put to pen and paper the rules he demands we live by so there would be no mistake. He even went to the cross himself to provide forgiveness, knowing we humans are incapable of holiness on our own. 

He demands obedience. The Bible says we should fear him, we should be very afraid to disobey him because the consequences for sin are severe.

Ezra was faithful to God and God used Ezra to complete his work. God is looking for faithful followers today because there is work to be done on a spiritual Jerusalem built in souls redeemed by the blood of the Lamb.

Satan has no power over God. Let’s determine to be obedient servants to the One who is all powerful. Let’s stay in his Word, praying and working to expand his kingdom by the winning of lost souls. 

Dear God of heaven, may you find us faithful today. May we obey you, may we share you with someone, may we do our part to continue your work. And may you get the glory!


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