September 14

Esther 5:1-9:19

Haman was pretty sure of himself. The King asked for his advice. The Queen invited him to lunch. His wife and his friends told him how great he was. And Haman made plans. He would destroy his enemy and life would be perfect.

Those were Haman’s plans. They weren’t God’s. Haman set in motion the very thing that would destroy him. The gallows he built to hang Mordecai were the gallows that ended his own life.

The lesson here today just might be a warning. The plans we have for ourselves, the future we envision just might result in the destruction of our souls if carried out.

Have you had doors close in your face only to try to crawl through a window to get what you want? Does it seem like for every step you take to get closer to your goal you wind up taking two steps back? Maybe you should rethink your goal.

I have shared that my dad died last year. One year ago today, to be exact. My sisters and I have the job of selling our childhood home. It looked like it had sold last spring but after three months of one roadblock after another, we decided to put it back on the market. Our prayer has always been that God would bring a Christian family to that home, to love it and make memories like the ones we have of living there. God did bring that family and we are scheduled to close next week. Parents with two daughters (we love the idea of another family of girls living there after we five) will live and grow inside those precious walls. We weren’t necessarily thankful for the roadblocks last spring but we can see God’s hand at work for this young family today.

How do we respond to roadblocks? We need to ask ourselves if the roadblocks are put there by Satan to try and stop God’s work, or are they put there by the loving hand of God to prevent us from disaster.

Pray. Stay in the Word because it is God’s roadmap. In these precious pages are all you need to know about finding God’s plan for your life. Let him guide you so that people can recognize him and want him in their lives, too.  That’s God’s ultimate plan for each of us.

Remember… God certainly does not want you to be hanging from gallows built by your choices.


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