September 8

Psalms 97, 98, 99, 100; Ezra 4:1-5:24; Haggai 1:1-2:23

The work on the temple came to a grinding halt. The Jews, who had been so excited about rebuilding God’s House, started listening to the voices of people who were against the construction. And they must have started to question whether or not they were doing the right thing.

Satan is clever. His attacks on God’s people often come in subtle doubts, in petty jealousies, even in godly sounding points of view. They come from people pretending to want what is best for God’s people. They may even come through some wearing the name “Christian” or theologian, or Reverend. 

Satan’s attacks can look like concerned, friendly faces. But if the result of listening to them stops us from doing God’s work, we need to recognize the author as none other than our enemy, Satan.

Let’s stay close to God, reading his Word every day, praying and listening so that we can distinguish His voice from all others. Let’s ask God for discernment among our church leaders and for those of us who sit in the pews every Sunday. 

God has a job for us to do. He wants us building his Church through the winning of lost souls. Let’s not get side-tracked by listening to Satan’s lies.

Father, as your people gather today for worship, I pray that your voice will be heard and that all other voices will be drowned out. Give us discerning spirits so that we can recognize your Truth. And may we never accept anything else. Equip us today to do the work you have for us to do in our homes, our neighborhoods, our work places. And may souls be changed for eternity because we are faithful.

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