September 6

Ezra 3:1-13; Psalms 92,126; Daniel 10:1-11:35

I loved reading that the Israelites who went to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple “assembled as one man”. They had come from many different towns but they all were focused on the same goal. The first thing they did was to rebuild the altar so the priests could get down to business.

Church fellowships can be tricky. Imperfect people volunteer their time and resources for the day-to-day ministry of a body of believers. I’ve sat on church boards and know how much time can be spent debating the tiniest detail.

What color should we paint the bathroom? Should we hire a landscaper? Who is going to shovel snow this year?

I’ve been at meetings where opinions were so strong, arguments broke out. Of course we are going to have different opinions. We are individuals with individual tastes. But I think we can learn from Israel’s example.Β 

Whether we are part of the decision-making board or a volunteer in the nursery, let’s approach our ministries as one man. United in purpose. And if the bathroom ends up green instead of the beautiful blue you wanted, oh well!

The real question is, are believers being equipped to share the gospel and are souls being won for eternity? Is Christ honored from the pulpit, in the pews, in classrooms, on the ball field? Is your fellowship making a difference in your community for Jesus’ sake?

Let’s be united in our focus on the Truth of Scripture and being obedient to our Lord. Let’s put aside our differences if they don’t have a direct effect on that work. Time is too short and we have too much to do to worry about paint colors and manicured lawns.

Father, I thank you for those people who volunteer to sit on church boards, who mow church lawns and shovel snow. I thank you for choir members and nursery workers and Sunday School teachers. And, Lord I pray that where your people gather, we would do that as one man. May we set aside opinions that don’t matter in eternity and work together to accomplish your work that does matter. Bless your church today, Lord, and the dear ones who work together to make their fellowship run smoothly.


6 thoughts on “September 6

  1. Toni Sprandel

    Connie, this made me think of all the years we were at Whipple Heights and on the governing board. Larry was the “Head Groundskeeper”. Being a teacher, he was off work early and cut the grass every Friday afternoon. I love your prayer that we would be as one man in sharing the gospel and all other ministries within the church!

      1. Toni Sprandel

        I will never forget Larry coming home and telling me he was the final vote and he stated that since it was 4 ladies for one way and the 4 guys for the other side of the issue, he would have to go with the guys! I guess there was an uproar! Yes, good times indeed! πŸ™‚

      2. Toni Sprandel

        No, I think it was about the interviewing procedure for the pastoral candidates. So Larry sided with the boys. Joyce and Ann about had a heart attack. It was either that or budgetary issues due to declining membership. He teasingly told Ann that she was “laundering” the church’s money! What a hoot! We are all still very close friends to this day and we giggle for hours about those days! They had no idea what they were getting themselves into putting Larry on the governing board!

      3. cazehner Post author

        I was pretty sure it wasn’t paint color. And I am sure they were very glad to have Larry serve on the board. It’s great that you stay in touch with them. I can hear the laughter!

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