August 13

Ezekiel 14-16

When I was reading about how God adorned the nation of Israel with jewels and beautiful clothes, when he fed them with fine flour, honey, and olive oil, when he washed them and protected them, I thought, “Wow! That’s what he’s done for me!”

He washed me with his blood, clothed me with his righteousness, set a crown of life on my head, and protects me, too.

But then I read on. Israel took what God had given her and turned it into something detestable. She trusted in her own beauty, became comfortable in God’s provisions, and prostituted herself. Worse than a prostitute, she paid others to be with her.

I am convicted today. What have I done, really, with the things God has given me? How have I used his salvation? How do I wear his righteousness? Am I so comfortable in the knowledge of my redemption I think I can do what I want and still be ok? Have I convinced myself that God loves me so he must accept me for who I am?

If that describes me I am the vilest of prostitutes. And Ezekiel reminds us what God thinks about that.

Father in Heaven, forgive me when I take you for granted. Forgive me when I squander away your provisions. May I remember what it cost Jesus to provide me with cleansing, forgiveness, eternal life. May I hold those things dear, use them the way they were intended to be used, and may I be grateful for the privilege of being your child. May you be honored through my life today.


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