August 11

Ezekiel 5:1-9:11

God had removed his blessing from Israel because of their disobedience. And Israel interpreted that as God not paying attention. They defied God’s instructions for worship and worshiped idols right in the temple behind closed doors, thinking God wouldn’t see them.

Dear One, let’s allow Ezekiel’s vision to remind us that God sees everything down to our innermost private thoughts and feelings. He sees what no one else can.

If you slow your car down when you see a cop ahead because you don’t want to get caught or if you wait until everyone is out of the office before you slip that paper clip in your pocket so your boss doesn’t see – you are worried about the wrong people.

How fast would you drive if Jesus was buckled up in the passenger seat? Would you take something that wasn’t yours if Jesus was looking over your shoulder? Would you go to that movie or tell that joke or drink that drink if Jesus was there?

Guess what. He is! Ezekiel’s vision makes it plain that God is paying attention. And he will get revenge for every deed committed against him.

The good news for us is that God’s revenge on believers is taken out on his Son, Jesus. I say good news because God’s revenge on sinners is devastating to say the least and those who will have to take it upon themselves will have an eternity of unspeakable agony.

My prayer is that all of you who read this today know Jesus as your Savior, that you live your life fully aware that he is right there with you 24/7. He sees. He knows. May we live our lives with that glorious truth as the reason we do what we do when others are around or when we are behind closed doors.


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