August 10

Ezekiel 1:1-4:17

Ezekiel saw the wheel – Way up in the middle of the air.

What do you make of Ezekiel’s vision? Some claim he was visited by aliens from outer space. What do you think?

God allowed Ezekiel to get a glimpse of Himself in all his glory. Was it a glimpse into heaven? John’s vision in Revelation was very similar. Are we to figure out a flesh and blood interpretation of wheels and wings and faces?

Personally, I am more interested in what God SAID to Ezekiel in this vision. Here’s what I believe God wants us to hear through Ezekiel:

1. God is who he says he is.
2. We are called to tell others about him.
3. They may not like what they hear but if we obey they will hear the Truth.
4. If we tell people about Jesus and they reject him – that’s on them.
5. If we don’t tell them, we will be held accountable for their eternal souls.

That’s the real purpose of Ezekiel’s vision and prophecy. Let’s not waste time trying to figure out what chrysolite represents or why there were faces of a lion, ox, and eagle.

Let’s get out there and share Jesus with lost souls. That’s the most important thing to take from Ezekiel’s vision.

Father, you created curious people so it’s natural that we would read an account like Ezekiel’s vision and want to know as much as we can. But I pray that your people will spend less time trying to figure out some hidden meaning and more time doing what you clearly told Ezekiel to do, that is to share you with our world. May we take your commission seriously and get out there and share the Gospel.


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