August 9

Jeremiah 23:9-40, 27:1-28:17

Jeremiah continues to voice God’s warnings to reject false prophesies, even if the prophet claims to be from God. It’s sad to know that some major religions have formed as the result of “…these lying prophets, who prophesy the delusions of their own minds.”

Jeremiah tells us to test what we hear. Is what the pastor or teacher, author or TV personality saying true? Is it consistent with all of Scripture?

Please understand God is not going to give someone a “new” revelation thousands of years after he closed the Book. Everything – EVERYTHING – he wants us to know about himself is written in the pages of the books and letters we call the Bible.

God has some harsh words for false prophets. But those who are led astray by them have no excuse. That’s why it’s important for each of us to be reading and studying the Bible.

God spends a lot of time in his Word warning us against false teachers. That must mean he’s given us the ability to recognize the lies when we hear them. 

May we stand for the Truth of Scripture.

Holy God, I pray that your Truth will be evident to those who seek you. May we cherish your written Word, read it, know it so that we can be discerning listeners. Give us boldness to question things that don’t measure up. May we hold our pastors and teachers accountable. Defeat Satan in the pulpits where lies are being preached. I pray for a mighty work of your Holy Spirit in congregations that have accepted false doctrine. May there be a turning to you and the Truth you’ve given us in your Word.


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