August 6

Jeremiah 14:1-15:9, 18:1-19:13, 24:1-10

The Bible makes it clear that each of us is accountable for ourselves. What we believe about God is between God and individuals based on his Word.

God told Jeremiah he was done playing around. He was going to punish the Jews for their sin. But Jeremiah said – wait a minute, Lord. Their preachers are telling them you’re ok with how they’re living. To which God replied – those preachers are lying. I did not send them or give them that message.

Should God excuse the congregation because the pastor is teaching false doctrine? Christianity is not a religion we should follow blindly. We should never accept what someone says without looking into God’s Word for ourselves. Because, sadly there are a lot of false doctrines being preached in too many churches.

Is what your pastor spoke on Sunday consistent with the entire Bible or did he use other authorities to tell you something different? Did he take a verse out of context to make a point not consistent with the whole of Scripture? Do you even know the Truth when you hear it?

I am praying that if you are reading this blog you are first and foremost reading the Scripture each day. I’d much rather you read the Bible and skip my rantings. 

When we stand before the Lord on that Day no one will be able to point a finger at anyone else as an excuse for not holding on to the Truth. When we stand before Jesus and he looks each of us in the eye the only question will be, does Jesus know me? Did I repent of sin according to his Word and accept his cleansing? Am I wearing his righteousness because of his grace?

We have such a treasure here in the pages of God’s Word. In here is everything we need to know for today and for eternity. Read it. Study it. Meditate on it. If you have questions, keep reading. God wants you to know him. And he’s right there in the pages of the Bible. 

Father, may we know you according to the Word you inspired men to put to paper so many years ago. May we cherish the Bible, may we spend time in its pages as we get to know you and the truth written there. Let your people recognize false teaching and may we demand of our pastors that they stay true to your Word. I pray for those pastors and teachers, Lord. As they prepare for another message or lesson for Sunday, I pray that they would cling to the truth of Scripture and present it boldly. I pray for those who read this blog today. May each of us recognize the truth because we’ve spent time getting to know that truth through your written word.


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