July 9

2 Kings 18:13-19:37; 2 Chronicles 32:1-23

Sennacherib found out the God of the Bible is not like other gods after all. He tried to bully Hezekiah and the Jewish people into joining him, bragging how powerful he was and how many nations he had destroyed. But Hezekiah prayed and God encouraged him to stand strong. 

In the end, the Assyrians were defeated, destroyed by God, and the Jews didn’t have to lift a finger.

As I read these chapters today I was reminded that there are Sennacheribs yet today. There are people who would bully Christians to come over to their side. Christians are called terrorists by our own government. We are called haters by the media when we voice the truth about homosexuality or adultery or greed. Christians are made fun of if we don’t party, if we don’t go to a ball game played during church on Sunday.

Let’s face it. Taking a stand for Jesus isn’t as easy as it used to be here in the good old USA.

But let’s be encouraged today by Hezekiah’s story. He laid it all out before the Lord in prayer. Then with confidence, Hezekiah told the people to be strong and courageous. There is a greater power with us, he reminded them, than with the enemy. We have God on our side and no one… not Satan himself… can stand against him.

My  prayer for us today is that we will all stand strong. May we stand for the truth in love. May we not back down because someone who seems to have power threatens us. Whether it be a government official, a boss, or a neighbor, let’s not allow ourselves to be bullied. Remember, God is greater than anything Satan can throw at us.

I wish I could promise an outcome like the Jews experienced in Hezekiah’s time. They got their victory before they had to go to battle. But standing strong could mean being willing to suffer for the Name. It’s true in some parts of our world and we can’t assume it can’t happen to us.

Be encouraged. Be strong. Remember that as a believer in the Lord Jesus, you have the God of creation on your side. Don’t let anyone bully you out of holding on to him, on holding on to the Truth of Scripture.


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