June 15

I Kings 17-19

Elijah has to be one of my favorite Old Testament characters. This prophet of God stood up to Ahab, but ran in fear of Jezebel. I wonder what he thought about taking bread and meat from ravens.

Elijah prayed for a widow and her flour and oil were never used up during the famine. He even prayed for her dying son and the boy was healed. And Elijah had a little fun taunting the prophets of Baal.

But here’s what spoke to me today. Elijah could challenge those 450 prophets because he knew Baal was not a god of any kind. It wasn’t that Elijah “believed” that Baal was no threat. Elijah knew Baal had no power. He knew without a doubt that no amount of praying or dancing or shouting could produce fire on Baal’s altar. And you know what? Elijah didn’t feel the need to apologize for being sure about that, either.

Elijah repeatedly and very publicly challenged them because Elijah knew the Truth.

How sure are you that the Bible is true and God is who he says he is? How sure are you that Jesus is the only way to God? Are you convinced that Christianity is the only true theology? Can you stand up for God without apology?

I am not asking you what you believe. I’m asking you what you know to be true. Have you experienced the life-changing presence of God as you ask Jesus to be your Savior? Do you see him work in your life and in the lives of others? Do you recognize his power in creation?

If God asked, would you defend him as publicly as Elijah did that day? Would I?

Father, may your children know you. May we define what we know is true. May we never apologize for knowing the truth. And may we be ready to put ourselves out there because we are sure that you are who you say you are.


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