May 21

Song of Solomon 5-8; Psalm 45; I Kings 5:1-12; 2 Chronicles2:1,3-16

When I read the Song of Solomon I see two people who love each other. They see the best in each other and long to stay in each others’ company. She loves him. He loves her.

Isn’t it tragic when love is one-sided? If you have been in that situation you know how devastating it can be. One person pours himself or herself out and the other holds back. The one who loves waits by the phone in anticipation of hearing the other’s voice. The other doesn’t call. Disappointment becomes a way of life for the one who loves.

God is reminding me today that he is the one who loves in our relationship. And when I don’t return his love he is hurt, disappointed, sad. He has poured himself out for me, gave up everything for me, loves me unconditionally. And he’s the one waiting by the phone.

When I get too busy to read his word or attend church, when it’s days between prayers, when he isn’t the first thing on my mind every day, he still loves me. But it hurts him if I do.

I want  my relationship with God to be like the lovers in Solomon’s Song. 

God, forgive me when I allow our love to be one-sided. I want to love you like you deserve to be loved. 

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