May 19

I Kings2:13-3:28; 2 Chronicles 1:1-13; Psalm 72

So Solomon is king and the first thing he does as king is to marry an Egyptian girl. Just one of about 600 poor choices Solomon will make in his lifetime. We will see later how this trend effected Solomon’s reign. Because at first, and in what we read today it was a little thing, barely worth mentioning.

Solomon is remembered for being the wisest man who ever lived. His proverbs alone still impact wisdom to 21st century readers. Given a blank check, Solomon chose wisdom over riches, over health or long life, over peace. When God asked him what was the one thing Solomon wanted more than anything, Solomon asked for wisdom. God granted Solomon his wish beyond what Solomon could have imagined and threw in abundant wealth, too.

I wonder, if God asked me the same thing, what I would want more than anything in the world. More money? Youth? A perfect husband? Health? To change the past? Or would I ask for wisdom? Would I ask for power over sin? A better witness? More of Jesus?

I feel like God is asking me to prioritize my desires and find out where he fits. Is he asking the same of you today?


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