May 15

I Chronicles 23:1-23, 6:16-30, 23:24-24:31

Once again we see how excited David is about the building of the temple. Like what we read yesterday, he is still making plans and assigning duties. But in today’s Scripture he goes one step further. He makes Solomon King of Israel.

That was unheard of. A king was a king until he died. Then and only then did the son take the throne.

But David knew the temple could not be built as long as he was king. And he was so anxious for God’s work to be done, nothing was more important. David was single-minded, totally focused on the building of the temple. Not even his own kingship was as important. He gave up the throne, he stepped aside so God’s work could be done.

God is asking me today what I am willing to give up in order for his work to be accomplished. Am I holding on to something or someone that is preventing me from being an effective witness? Am I as focused on God’s work as David was?

God would have me be an instrument through which he can draw unsaved people to himself. Do I really want to be that instrument? Is God asking me to submit a habit, a dream, an attitude so that his work can be accomplished through me? May he find me as faithful as David was and as eager to see God’s will be done.


6 thoughts on “May 15

    1. cazehner Post author

      I am humbled by your comment. It amazes me that God could use anything I say. We had some great times at Whipple, didn’t we? I will be praying for you as we think about Jesus together.

      1. cazehner Post author

        Wow. I just found this comment. I am so glad we connected through this blog site and I have appreciated your thoughts so much these past months. I am blessed and challenged by you. And I praise God that you and Larry have turned these difficult circumstances into an avenue God can use for his glory. I love you both and will continue to pray for you.

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