May 10

Psalms 37, 9, 10, 27; 2 Samuel 15:37, 16:15

What does it mean to ‘delight in the Lord’? David writes that those who do will receive the desires of their hearts. He goes on to say commit your way to the Lord, trust in him and he will do it.

This sounds like a recipe for getting my way. Like my nephew’s dog who rings the bell by the door when she wants to go out. Sure, she rings the bell when she needs to relieve herself in the  yard. But she also rings the bell if she sees a squirrel or hears the neighbors dog outside.

So is David saying if I love God enough, if I ring the love-bell just right I’ll get whatever I want? Is God that genie in the sky who grants wishes if we feel the right feelings or say the right words?

David’s psalm goes on to talk about the battle he has going on with his enemies. In fact, all the psalms we read today are about struggle and victory. They are about wickedness and righteousness. In other words, they are about victory over sin and our enemy, Satan.

If we take a few verses out of context because we like how they sound we don’t have an honest interpretation of Scripture. So what does it mean to delight in the Lord? Read on. Trust, commit yourself to God, do good, be still, turn from evil. The Bible says we are to love God with all our hearts, our minds, our souls.

It’s kind of funny. If we love God like the Bible tells us to, if we are committed to him, if our walk with him is grounded in Scripture, our desires come from him, too. It’s no longer what we want but what he wants for us. Then we will receive the desires of our hearts, his desires for us.

Father, thank you for always wanting what is best for us. Help us to stay so close to you that we will want what you want. Help us to lay aside our selfish ambitions and trust you with every detail of our lives. May we delight in you and praise you for all you do.


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