May 5

2 Samuel 23:20-39, 8:15-18, 7:1-29; I Chronicles 11:22-47, 18:14-17, 17:1-27

God says “no” to David and what does David do? David praises God. God makes it clear that David will not build the temple and instead of pouting or getting angry David thanks God for blessing his family.

I don’t know anyone who enjoys hearing “no”. We tend to want what we want when we want it and the word “no” gets in our way. But we can learn from David’s example.

Because the truth of the matter is we can’t always get what we want. And what we want isn’t always what is best for us.

Remember – prayer is not like rubbing a genie’s lamp. There is no magic if you say the right words or conjure up the right kind of faith. God wants us to bring our requests to him and lay them at his feet. And you can’t lay those requests at his feet if you are still holding on to them. God wants us to trust him to do the right thing with those requests as we let them go.

A “no” to a prayer isn’t a sign that God doesn’t love us or hear us. Just the opposite. A “no” means he loves us enough to want what’s best for us. And he knows what’s up ahead is even better!

Loving Father, thank you for wanting what is best for us. Help us to trust you enough to really let go of those things we think are so important. Hear our prayers and answer them according  to your will. And may we accept the “no’s” as well as the “yes’s” as gifts from you.


2 thoughts on “May 5

  1. H.

    “No” usually means a greater “Yes” Thank you, heavenly Father for your word. Help us to be obedient.


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