April 25

I Samuel 30:10-31:13, I Chronicles 10:1-14, 2 Samuel 1:1-27

When I read the Bible chronologically I sometimes am confused by seemingly different reports. I Samuel 30 and I Chronicles 10 are almost word for word. But then comes this person in 2 Samuel who tells a different version. Does this mean the Bible can’t be trusted? Is the Bible God’s infallible Word or not?

Here’s what I think. Saul died the way I Samuel and I Chronicles records it. Saul was wounded and afraid of being captured so he killed himself. His armor-bearer did the same. The news traveled fast. Who didn’t know Saul made David’s life miserable? To the world the men were enemies.

So one man figured he’d cash in on Saul’s death and claim responsibility. He’d run to David, tell him he had killed David’s enemy, and receive a generous reward. I imagine he pictured a parade, a crown, wine, women, and song in his honor. Boy was he wrong.

Not only did those things not happen, but David was mad. He ordered the man be killed for lifting a hand to destroy the Lord’s anointed.

Did you read David’s lament? David still loved and respected Saul. How the mighty have fallen.

The Bible is God’s Word and can be trusted. Every word is true. I just love to get in there and see what God has to say.

Father, I thank you for inspiring men to write your words so that we in 2013 can know you. Help us to read and understand what you would say to us each day. Then help us go and live out your Truth so others can know you, too.

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