April 10

Judges 6:23-31, I Samuel 2:22-5:12

Every once in a while God allows us to see that he has a sense of humor. I think the story of the Philistine god Dagon is funny.

I always loved playing with my sisters’ children and now am enjoying my great-nieces and nephews. How many block towers have I built, then pretended to look away so the little ones can knock them down and I act surprised by it? That’s the picture I have here. God, when everyone is asleep, nudges Dagon with his index finger and the idol tumbles down. The people are surprised by it and put Dagon back up again. But God’s not done with this game. The next night, down Dagon goes!

I know God wanted the Philistines to recognize that the God of Israel is the God of the entire world. We read they didn’t and things got worse for them. Had they accepted the truth of their fallen god and the power of God, we would be reading a different story.

I am reminded that, as the creator, God invented fun. It’s not wrong to laugh or find humor in the day-to-day. I challenge us all today to try and find an example of God’s holy humor. And remember, he wants us to enjoy our journey as we walk with him.

Father, I thank you for laughter. Help us to recognize that you created everything about us, including a sense of humor. But may we honor you in our fun, always remembering that you are holy. 

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