Judges 19&20

It’s hard to read these two chapters. The violence and cruelty are unspeakable. Men lusting after other men, abusing women, and civil war show the nation of Israel is no better than the other nations around them. In fact, they are worse because they know the Truth. They know God. And they live like they don’t.

Beware, dear Christian. Just because we live in the twenty-first century doesn’t mean the rules have changed. It doesn’t mean the God of the Old Testament is different than the God of 2013. Truth is still Truth and holiness means the same today as it did back then.

I’m sad to think the lines between God’s people and the world are becoming so blurred we might not be any better than those who don’t know the Truth. We should be more moral, more kind, more honest, more joyful, more eager to help a neighbor than anyone else. And we should love our neighbors with God’s love.

Can we offer them something better than what they have right now? We should. And if we offer it, would they even recognize the Truth in us?

Father, may your people set themselves apart from the world in our speech and actions. May others see something in us that is better than what they have without you. May we determine today to be holy and stand for the Truth as revealed to us in your Word.


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