April 3

Judges 5-7

It always puzzles me why people like Gideon, who spoke face to face with the angel of God (which many believe was Jesus Himself) still needed a sign or two or three before they believed God. The offering was burned up, the fleece was wet, the fleece was dry. Then Gideon believed and did what God had asked him to do.

I need to be careful before I judge old Gideon. I may not be able to speak to the angel of God face to face, but I have several copies of God’s written word in my home. I can open those pages any time of any day and read God’s words to me.

So why, if he says “I will never leave or forsake you” do I wonder at times if he’s here. If he says he forgives sins and remembers them no more, why do I continue to carry guilt as though I’m not forgiven? If he promises to go with me why don’t I obey the call to share him with others?

God is not a mystery. He has laid it all out there for us to read in the Bible. How many signs do I need before I believe him?


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