April 1

Judges 1:1-3:6, 17:1-13

Here’s something that made me sad. 2:10 tells us that after Joshua and his peers had died, another generation grew up who “knew neither the Lord nor what he had done for Israel.”

How was that even possible so soon after God had miraculously rescued them from slavery? How could they not talk about manna from heaven, shoes that didn’t wear out, water from rocks, crossing seas and rivers on dry ground, 24 hours of daylight, not to mention the pillar of fire and cloud? I know these people hadn’t witnessed many of these things first hand, but those things are what made them who they were in the sight of the nations. How could their children not know?

My dad loved history. He read about it, watched programs about it, talked about it. But I have to say I didn’t inherit his love of learning about the past.

Maybe that’s what happened to Israel. Maybe when parents talked about their grandparent’s journey, their teenagers rolled their eyes and thought, what does that have to do with me? Boring!

It’s our responsibility… and our privilege… to pass on to our children the good news of Jesus Christ. Not as some historical figure who lived an interesting life 2,000 years ago. But someone who is alive today, who radically changed our lives when we let him into our hearts, someone with whom we have a vital relationship today. And someone who wants to be as real to our children as we are.

Do your children know about how your life was changed when you met Jesus? Have you shared with your children how he is working in your daily life? Do they know what you are learning from your time in the Word? Can your children see in you that Jesus is more than an historical figure? Don’t assume they know without you intentionally sharing it with them.

If we don’t, we run the danger of raising a generation who neither knows the Lord nor what he has done for his people throughout the ages. Let’s determine to make Jesus real in their lives so that they will do the same for the next generation, too.

Father, again today I pray for parents. May they be intentional about sharing you with their children on a day to day basis. And I pray for grandparents, aunts, and uncles. We who love children not our own. May we be faithful as well, as we show our loved ones that Jesus is alive and relevant in 2013, that following you is the coolest, most exciting, and most blessed way to live.


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